Premier Star Mattress

High quality knitted fabric, breathable and soft comfort.

Natural latex for contouring to the body?s shape. Reducing the heat buildup, It?s unique constrcution allows it to instantly respond to the body to provide a high level of comfort while helping to promote proper spinal alignment

7 Zone Individual pocket spring and high density foam encasement , providing your spine with sufficient support.


certiPUR is a US organisation that ensures our mattress

is free from harmful chemicals,keeping you safe with

every breath you take.


Palm foam

  • most important advantage is that polyurethane foam made from palm oil is environment-friendly, although it is not biodegradable.

Convoluted foam

  • promotes air circulation because of its unique shape

Malaysia imported natural latex

  • much sounder, less congested sleep. Excellent ventilation ? latex has a natural open cell structure which allows good air flow. Furthermore, latex mattresses contain pinholes created during the processing phase, which enhances air flow even further. This point is especially important in warm climates such as Singapore.


  • very comfortable and supportive sleep surface. It conforms to your body, offering support where needed to help keep your spine in alignment throughout the night. It also offers freedom of movement?rolling with you instead of keeping you in place. Natural latex provides cushion for pressure points like hips and shoulders allowing for a comfortable and restful night?s sleep. The supportive nature of latex and its ability to relieve pressure point discomfort are two significant benefits to choosing a natural and organic latex mattress.
Premium Star

King, Queen, Super Single


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